For two days running, I’ve experienced something crazy. I’m reluctant to write about it, especially since this is only Day Two of my blog. You don’t know me well enough yet to determine whether it’s me or the thing that is crazy.

If it weren’t so relevant to what this web site is all about, I would skip the whole thing, pretend it hadn’t happened. But it did. Twice. Two days in a row.

It started yesterday at 10:51am.

I know the exact time, because it was so crazy that I opened up my journal again, date-stamped and wrote about it.

I was doing what I always do—following shiny things instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing. These days I’m distracted by anything that gives me reason to postpone the risky business of writing content for this brand new web site. But procrastination is nothing new for me.

I first thought about blogging way back in 2008, when my life and even my character were very different than what they are today. I still have two books in my office that I’d purchased in advance of my planned debut:

  • Blogging for Dummies, and
  • ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

Seriously. Can you tell where my head was at 10 years ago? Thank goodness shiny things distracted me even then because heaven only knows what I might have written about in those days.

Historically, distractions steal my time.

Yet still I deviate. Two days ago I washed windows, planted flowers, and attended a last-minute meeting for a committee I hadn’t realized I was on—all to avoid working on this blog. Yesterday it was an irresistible urge to clean my office, and then to move my writing space from the perfectly fine desk in that office to a new spot in front of the window in my bedroom.

That’s when it happened.

I’d spent a ridiculous amount of time rearranging everything on and in my desk, and had sat down in the chair to make sure that everything in front of me was set up just right. I opened my laptop to begin, and within minutes decided that my new setting did not give me the right inspiration after all.

So I picked up my laptop, and as I was turning around to leave the bedroom, the little cross on the chain that had been draped over my table lamp since 2014 started moving. Not supernaturally, of course. That’s what I told myself anyway. It was just either by the breeze of the open window or by the girth of my own body moving past it. But it was still enough of a surprise to catch my attention.

I remembered that there was writing on one side of the cross, but I couldn’t recall what it said and when I grabbed it to stop its swaying and read the words, I was stirred so fiercely that I had to take a picture of it. I know it’s impossible to read on the photo, but it’s embedded in my brain:

“Christ is counting on you.”

Holy smokes! You see, I believe that God has called me to tell my story. And I believe that He allows only so much stalling before He starts knocking a little louder. But making a dangling cross sway in front of my face? Come on. That’s just…cheesy.

But then it happened again. Just now. For the second day in a row. And it was even more bizarre than the first time.

I’d already finished my SAP for the day, and had moved my laptop out of the bedroom to the kitchen table where I’d set up yet another blogging space.

And then I deviated. Again. As always. Because I’m scared, and so I stall.

This time my excuses included insurance paperwork and emails and phone calls and making more coffee and then doing a bit of cleaning which eventually drew me back down the hall toward my bedroom and as long as I was right there, I figured I might as well stop in the bathroom and on my way out I peeked into the bedroom that I’d left hours beforehand and that’s when I saw it:

That same little lamp I’d written about yesterday—the one that held that dangling cross and that I’d sat next to just a few hours ago as I read my devotionals and Bible and SAP’d—was turned on.

I had not turned it on. Not this morning, not yesterday morning, probably not for months. The lamp is more decorative than functional. There’s plenty of light that pours into the room once I open the blinds, and electric bills bug me these days so I never turn on lights unless it’s absolutely necessary.

That light was off. Yet it was on.

So I walked over to it to turn it off, and there was no way to miss God’s sign to me that was draped over that lampshade right above the on-off switch:

“Christ is counting on you.”

And with that thought in mind, I reopened my last devotional of the day and this journal so as to add this crazy story and the quote from today’s InTouch article that, as so often happens, was timed just perfectly for me:

If you are a believer, then you have been commissioned to make disciples for Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:19). Start telling your story to those who are willing to listen. After hearing what the Lord has done, some will say, “If God can do that for you, He can do it for me, too!”
—Charles Stanley, “No One is Beyond God’s Reach,” InTouch Magazine – 5/19/18

It’s time to blog.

Dear God, please help me remember. Christ is counting on me.

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