Sometimes things start to look a little hopeless. Storms strike out of nowhere. People we love die or are otherwise lost to us. Finances and health vanish in an instant. We ourselves get stuck in awful places with no reprieve in sight.

But it’s often when we’re right on the ledge that God reaches down, holds us close and pulls us to safety.

On Friday morning, after weeks of frenzied activity and only half-hearted nods toward my morning “quiet times with God,” I gave it up and oozed into Him completely. The Lord knew I was finally ready to listen. As I read Exodus 3:7-8, it was as if He was speaking directly to me:

I have certainly seen your oppression.

I have heard your cries of distress….

Yes, I am aware of your suffering.

So I have come down to rescue you….

And He did.

Just as He’s done so many times throughout the past almost-20 years, the Lord picked me up out of the muck and set me on solid ground. I’m now on Day Three of having turned back into myself again, and I am so very grateful.

Which brings me right into a verse that I’ve been intending to SAP since the end of October:


Psalm 143:8: “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.”


Wow, is every bit of that verse ever true for me. My morning quiet times with the Lord make all the difference. I sometimes speak lightly about how when I skip or rush through my daily SAP how my day—my life—does not go well. It’s true, but the way I say it so offhandedly makes it sound like less of a big deal than what it really is.

Because seriously, I get myself in a tizzy when I just race into the day without God. More often than not, I’m frenzied, impulsive, and so goof things up right and left, making poor decisions and opening my mouth when I should keep it shut, acting on my own which usually turns out to be pridefully and selfishly.

Instead, when I give myself over fully to this morning quiet time—reading my devotionals and allowing myself to dig in to the accompanying Bible passages, and then truly letting God speak to me through the process of writing out my Scripture, Application & Prayer—it’s not just my “attitude” that changes. I swear my circumstances change as well.

Oozing into God in the morning—allowing His Word to sink into my soul and fill me up with His unfailing love—can turn the hardest days into joy-filled ones. With eyes fixed firmly on the Lord, and remembering how many times He’s come through for me in the past, how can I help but trust Him now?


Father, thank You once more for moving me from tizzy to trust simply by resting in Your presence. Let me comfort and bless others with the same tenderness and care You’ve shown me. Such unfailing love just can’t be contained. I pray all of this with gratitude in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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