You’ve probably discovered while reading these posts that I’m no theologian. I haven’t been to seminary; I have no training whatsoever in biblical things. I sin. All the time. I’m trying to do better, of course, but I’m just like most of you–a regular Jo[ann] doing my best to live out what remains of my life with purpose and with love.

I’m nothing special. But

I’ve been blessed with a spirit of gratitude. It’s really a gift, especially in times such as these. I don’t need to keep a gratitude journal to be reminded of what I’m thankful for each day: For whatever reason, I’m centered in gratitude, and have been for as long as I can remember. And I believe that spirit of gratitude is what keeps me joyful even in hard times. 

Still, every once in a while gratitude fails me.

It’s not as if I suddenly become ungrateful; it’s just that something else, something urgent, pushes it to the background. And I know myself well enough to recognize that when my gratitude starts to fade, I’m on the edge of a pit I don’t ever want to fall into again.

Thankfully (there’s that word again!), I am surrounded by a group of powerful pray-ers who are always willing to step in on my behalf. That’s what happened yesterday: I reached out, they prayed, God heard. And before long, HIs wonderful whoosh of peace replaced the sorrow that was beginning to build over the impending loss of people I care about to COVID-19.


The power of prayer is spelled out beautifully in James 5:13-16, and ends like this:

James 5:16: “Pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”


I know that the most important healing is the one that takes place in our hearts. And I know that God is at work in the hearts of those afflicted with COVID-19, and the people who love them.

I’m so grateful for the earnest prayers of righteous friends who pray with me and for me. God hears. I woke up refreshed and renewed today, and each of the three people we are praying for have been given another day of life. What more can we ask for?


I may have stolen this one from Joan Baez back in the seventies. I stenciled it on to the top of a broken Lazy Susan, and it’s held a place of honor in my home ever since:

Thank you, God, for letting me be born, for giving me eyes to see the daffodils lean in the wind, all my brothers, all my sisters; for giving me ears to hear crying, legs to come running, hands to smooth damp hair, a voice to laugh with, and to sing with…to sing to You and the daffodils…which are You.

And thank You, Lord, for the gifts of gratitude and praying friends. I treasure them both. Amen.


  • As always your post was inspiring and so very applicable to my own journey. God knew I needed your words to fill my heart this morning, Mary.

  • Prayer does work. I’m so thankful and grateful to have found you and your friendship. These posts come right from your heart and they touch me every time. I’ll say it again, you should Make these journal entries into a daily prayer book. I know you have over 365 you could start with. Honestly they are that good.

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