Despite everything that’s going on in the world today, I’m pretty content. I have reason to be: I’m one of the lucky ones, blessed with everything I need.

Except red shoes.

The awareness of what I was lacking hit me hard yesterday. My closet no longer holds the gorgeous shoes I used to wear to work every day–shoes of every color and height, always a perfect match for whichever business suit I would choose for the day. I loved the clickety-clack of my high heels against tile floors as I hurried from one place to the next; I loved the confidence I had, and the attention I received. I loved feeling important.

Man, I loved those shoes. They seemed to give me everything I needed. Maybe that’s why this verse popped for me today:


Genesis 3:6: “The woman was convinced. She saw that tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her. So she took some of the fruit and ate it.”


I get it. Eve saw something she wanted, was given a seemingly sound explanation as to why she deserved it, and bought right into Satan’s deceit.

Isn’t that exactly how it goes? We see what we want, and so we go fishing for justification to do whatever it takes to get it. And it’s so easy these days. The world teaches us that our desires are all that matters. You only live once. Go for all the gusto you can. If it sounds fun, go for it. If it looks good, grab it. If it feels good, do it.

For me it was a closet filled with everything I needed to make me feel the way I looked.

But it was all just “chasing the wind,” as Solomon would say. Not that the Lord minds it when we enjoy the gifts we’ve been given. It’s all about keeping things in perspective–about recognizing that neither delicious-looking fruit nor shiny red spiked heels will fill the hole that’s in each of us. Only God can do that.


Father, this seems silly, I know, but I want to thank You for the good memories brought on by my sudden need for a new pair of red shoes. Those memories remind me to thank You for my great career, my accomplishments, for the legs I used to have and the body that still works good enough to serve You after all of these years.

Thank You for the hole you placed in my heart, for giving me time to chase the wind until I realized for myself that it was all meaningless…that what I was really seeking was You. Amen.

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