I know it’s been a long time since I’ve said this, but I love my life! And it’s funny that I think that today, having been forced to cancel so many plans due to COVID exposure and a self-imposed 14-day quarantine. Yet even those cancellations point to the terrific life that still abounds when we don’t “duck and cover” over things beyond our control.

So what have I lost? I’ve cancelled a long-awaited trip to see my son and his family. Outdoor Mah Jongg and Happy Hour with neighbors. Several deck get-togethers with old friends. A hospital visit. A trip to the cabin. Grocery shopping–something I never knew I missed until I couldn’t do it.

And yet, it came at me today as if for the first time: I love my life.
  • I love being the one people gravitate to for help, prayer, and to pass along news.
  • I love my home, my wonderful friends and neighbors, my precious kids and grandkids.
  • I love the greens that are still in full bloom outside my window; I even love the sudden coolness to the air making fall and then winter so obviously on their way.
  • I love the fact that God keeps healing me, even though I skip more recovery orders than I follow.
  • I love having a treadmill and exercise bike in front of a big-screen TV in the basement, just waiting for me to dust off and hop on.
  • I love that I figured out how to get my entire book into Google Docs yesterday, and that I sent it off to fellow writers for a first read-through/critique of the revised Intro and brand new Afterword.
  • I love that I have just one more week of quarantine before I can head to Michigan to see my beautiful, miraculously pregnant daughter-in-law—and my son and grandson too, of course.
  • I even love my decision to stay home from the cabin today: It’s that good right here! And so…


Psalm 147:1-4: “Praise the Lord! How good to sing praises to our God! How delightful and how fitting! The Lord is rebuilding Jerusalem and bringing the exiles back to Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. He counts the stars and calls them all by name.”


He strengthens us and blesses us. He answers prayer. He loves it when we pray for others, and He works miracles on their behalf. He covers us with His peace, despite the troubles that surround us. 


Father, thank You for moving me away from the edge of depression. You’d think after all of these years I’d have learned that the worst thing I can do when things are going crazy is to skip the daily habits that sustain me—my morning quiet time with You, listening to KTIS rather than the constant flow of bad news that is thrust upon us 24/7.

As soon as I whooshed into You again, my entire mindset changed as did the state of my heart: You fill me up with love and hope; You guide me to positive action rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself and our broken world. Thank You for never leaving me alone, for pinging me through circumstances and people to quickly turn back to You.

And thank You for the past 20 years of coming to know You more and more. I’ve never been one to memorize Scripture, but it’s amazing how much has sunk in and comes to mind just when I need it. And music! Oh, thank You for the songs that run through my head—most recently Way Maker and The Blessing, and the one that speaks to my heart today:

So Will I


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  • Oh, Mary, I am so glad you found peace…. and joy! With all the negative going on in the world, there is still so much to be joyful about, so much beauty to see, so many smiles to share (even over the facemasks!)

    What a huge step for you getting that book out to that first tier! That was one huge lift off your shoulders!

    And only a week until you get to physically be with your family! Joyous, indeed!

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