* Committed * Receptive * Balance * Grace * Contentment * Healthy * Thankful * Satisfaction * Rejoice * Discipline * Bolder * Trust * Shine *

It’s Word-of-the-Year (WOY) time. Time to pull out your word of focus for the current year and assess the difference it’s made over the past 12 months. Time to consider where God is leading you next, and commit to a new WOY for 2021.

In reflecting on her own life and path forward, my friend Debbie pointed out that our WOYs never really go away—that we just keep building on them. That thought caused me to do a run-down of all of the words that continue to shape me since this WOY practice began:

—>2014: TRUST

—>2015: CHOSEN

—>2016: CHANGED

—>2017: FEARLESS

—>2018: GENEROUS

—>2019: LEAP

—>2020: SHINE

The words at the top of this post are the ones each person in my small group chose for 2020. We’ll get together one of these days to share our progress. But we hadn’t yet met when a couple of us began this God-driven, purpose-generating practice in 2014. Now, with seven years of history, I love to look back on each year of growth: where I was at—mentally, emotionally, spiritually—when I set my WOY, and how God used it to change me. Who knew that such a seemingly minor annual tradition could be so impactful?

As always, I’ve been bouncing around several WOY possibilities for the upcoming year. None of them  have given me that sense of rightness that occurs when I set aside my will and go with God’s. So yesterday I asked Him directly for my 2021 Word-of-the-Year. His answer was immediate, though I’m still trying to figure out what He has in mind for me…what this WOY means. Thankfully, I know He will show me as I step out in faith. 


Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”


I asked for my 2021 WOY and He gave it to me, just like that:  


All I know is that saying “yes”—writing it down and committing to it—gave me the whoosh of peace that tells me my 2021 WOY is from God and is right.


Lord, even as my body became too broken to go where I once thought You were sending me—back to Haiti or onto a Mercy Ship—You have equipped me for service in new ways. I have Your light in me, along with the spiritual gifts and natural abilities that are just perfect for the road You’ve placed me on. Please fill my heart with a willingness to “reset”—to set aside my plans for Yours, and to do good right where You’ve placed me. Thank You for showing me, day by day and step by step, what it means to “reset” in 2021. Let me serve You with gratitude, wherever you lead me. Amen.

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  • I think we all need a RESET for 2021. I can’t believe it’s time to pick another word though honestly I can’t remember mine for 2020. I’ll have to really think about the future and see what happens. Just don’t reset too much, I love you just the way you are!

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