This is the song I was looking for a couple of weeks ago. It’s way better right now, as we close out the hardest year we’ve seen in our lifetime. It is my prayer for 2021. Listen and be blessed:

Let There be Peace on Earth

As I was about to hit “publish,” another song came to me out of left field, and struck me hard on a personal level. I’ve had two short bouts of poor me over the past couple of days due to our “Zoom Only” Christmas, and was about to embark upon a third when I ran across it–

Different Kind of Christmas

When he wrote it in 2012 as a tribute to his own father-in-law, singer/songwriter Mark Schultz had no idea how many people would be able to relate eight years later. I can’t help but think of the millions of lives lost to the pandemic–each one a real person with a real story, and a family who loved them as much as I love mine.

Counting my blessings as I pray for those who’ve lost loved ones this year,


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