Whenever I look for a new recipe, my initial Google search always includes the phrase “quick and easy.” As I skim through my finds, I eliminate any recipes without reviews, choosing to pursue only those that others have evaluated highly. If a recipe passes these basic requirements—quick, easy and highly evaluated by those who have tried it—I dig into the details.

I scan the ingredient list, seeking only those recipes that include “normal” items—things that I already have in my fridge or kitchen cupboards, or that I can easily find at my local grocery store. If I see an ingredient I’m not familiar with, or a recipe with more than a few steps of instructions, I toss it out and move on to the next: I’m looking for uncomplicated and understandable.

Of course, the true test is in the tasting. I know I’ve happened upon a winner when others ask for my recipe. 

I think the same is true as we flounder around trying to connect with God. 

We want a path that:

    1. Is quick and easy
    2. Gets great reviews by those who’ve tried it
    3. Contains no weird stuff
    4. Is uncomplicated and easy to understand
    5. Works so well that others want it

When I began my own journey toward God, I didn’t know how to begin, so I took the long way around. One of the things I did was to buy bible after bible, attempting read-throughs of various translations from beginning to end. 

My advice? Don’t do that.

DO get a good bible—one that offers an easy-to-understand translation. There are about 30 options! My favorite is the The Life Application Study Bible, New Living Translation (NLT). Skip the Old Testament for now (complicated, “weird” stuff) and begin with time of Jesus’ birth as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the first four books—the gospels—of the New Testament. 

Think of them as the diaries of four guys who were right there, at the beginning. 

Want a “Quick & Easy” start to it all? Consider this:


John 3:16: “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”


Take a trip down “The Roman Road” for a deeper understanding of what John 3:16 means. I only heard of that road a few years ago. It would have helped me tremendously at the start of my journey.


Thank You, Lord, for the gift of faith. Thank You for helping me find my way 20+ years ago, and for nudging me to use what I learned to help others. I pray for all of the seekers right now, Lord. Please give them what they need to take the first step, and lead them into the safety of Your loving arms. Amen.

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