More Story Starters

August 13, 2020Story Starters

It’s always good to have a stockpile of Story Starters on hand in case the ones I give you don’t strike your fancy. Here are two little books sure to stir the story-teller within. The sample prompts contained in each description are enough to keep you writing for months to come! Now, looking ahead to … Read More

This Week’s Story Starter

June 30, 2020Story Starters

For me, it was the Thursday night kick-off to July’sĀ Jubilee Days. With it came the excitement about the upcoming rodeo, the turtle races, the corn feed, the Bingo games, and the “carnival” which would be laughable by today’s standards, but was a thrill for my country-raised kids. It rolled down Main Street Isanti, population barely … Read More

This Week’s Story Starter

June 23, 2020Story Starters

Time for some quickly bulleted lists: 1. “Things that make me laugh:” 2. “Things that make me cry:” 3. “Things that give me joy:” Later, expand your lists into a fully fleshed-out story. Or don’t. Just write.

This Week’s Story Starter

June 16, 2020Story Starters

This is the week to remember and honor our dads. Let this Story Starter move in whatever direction your pen takes you: “My father’s job….” Just write.