Some Days You Just Have To Keep Singing

July 24, 2018S.A.P.

I quit watching the news at least 10 years ago in a way that’s similar to my lifelong pattern of refusing to hop on the scale: If I don’t know, I can pretend it’s not happening. But sometimes reality gets to the point that I can’t zip my pants, or continue to ignore the state … Read More

The WHOOSH of Peace

July 12, 2018S.A.P.

It happened again, as it always does when I finally just let go…when I make a point of tuning everything else out—the mind chatter, the negative self-talk, the to-do list—and just sink into my morning quiet time with God. Sometimes there’s just nothing left to do but relax in God’s waiting arms. For me, this … Read More


July 11, 2018S.A.P.

Somehow I need to separate my SAP and my intent to blog. I’ve smooshed them together in my head by way of “killing two birds with one stone.” The result has not been good. Rather than spending free, easy-flow early mornings with God, I’m “writing.” Instead of pouring out my heart in prayer, I’m editing … Read More