August 28, 2018S.A.P.

I flipped open my Bible to the Scripture cited in one of today’s devotionals, and found Matthew 6:25-34 peppered with underlines and handwritten notes from the first few months of 2012, ending abruptly in mid-April of that year. I remember. And I’m brought right back to that period of my life when I was forced … Read More

Lest You Think I Wear a Halo

August 20, 2018S.A.P.

So many things came to mind when I read yesterday’s devotional from In Touch Ministries about how God uses everything to transform us into the people he created us to be. I was particularly drawn to the discussion about discipline—the necessary correction that comes out of love from parents to their children, and from our … Read More

A Matter of Perspective

August 18, 2018S.A.P.

It’s all about perspective. Sometimes in the middle of rush hour traffic, I’m struck with the immensity of it all—of our world and all of the people in it. I think of all of the things that fill my life and as I look around, I’m struck by the realization that this mass of mostly … Read More

Haiti Hair

August 16, 2018S.A.P.

Three things happened within days of my lengthy R&R at the cabin that prompted today’s posting: A letter I wrote to myself on March 4,  2018 arrived in Monday’s mail, I ran across a journal entry titled “Post-Haiti Crazy Thoughts” that I’d written on March 6th–just after returning from my third mission trip, and Three … Read More

My Happy Place

August 11, 2018S.A.P.

I’ve been up north and mostly unplugged since July turned into August. Today the blazing red sun woke me up. I raced outside with my eyes still half shut, thinking I was waking up with the dawn. As I was snapping some pictures—pictures that never come close to capturing the glory of creation—I realized that … Read More