Song(s) of the Day

May 31, 2020Songs

If there was ever a two-song day, this is it. Give a listen: 1. Broken Hallelujah & 2. Alive and Breathing And be covered in God’s peace.

This Week’s Story Starter

May 26, 2020Story Starters

I know you saw this one coming: 1. “On Memorial Day, we would always….” 2. “This year….” My, how things have changed! Looking forward to hearing your stories tomorrow in class or in the comment section below.

Song of the Day

May 24, 2020Songs

A beautiful combination of the old and the new–just what I needed today. I hope it touches your heart as well: “It Is Well” by Kristene DiMarco Click here for the lyrics, and here for the story behind the song. And be blessed in the knowing:  The waves and wind still know His name.

When Gratitude Fails

May 14, 2020S.A.P.

You’ve probably discovered while reading these posts that I’m no theologian. I haven’t been to seminary; I have no training whatsoever in biblical things. I sin. All the time. I’m trying to do better, of course, but I’m just like most of you–a regular Jo[ann] doing my best to live out what remains of my life … Read More

This Week’s Story Starter

May 12, 2020Story Starters

Don’t dismiss this writing prompt based on what you presently believe or why. Instead, close your eyes. Remember. Then write: “The first person to ever talk to me about God….”

Song of the Day

May 10, 2020Songs

Raise a Hallelujah prefaced by a sweet Mother’s Day song/message, and followed by (15 minutes in) an experience all men should go through to truly appreciate the women who birthed them! Be blessed…and keep smiling!

Waiting in the Wilderness

May 7, 2020S.A.P.

Can it have looked any more desolate in Moses’ day than it does today? The crushing weight of aloneness in this vast, parched wasteland hit me hard during the few hours I spent there less than three months ago. Thinking of the Israelites wandering through the Wilderness of Tzin for 40 years is more than … Read More

This Week’s Story Starter

May 5, 2020Story Starters

This week, at this particular time in our lives, the memories brought to mind by this prompt will be especially poignant. Just write. And write. And write. “When I was little, my mother….”