Song of the Day

August 30, 2020Songs

Click below to hear the Song of the Day: Everlasting God and the sweet story of how it came to be recorded nearly 15 years ago now (Love, love, love this song!)

The Best Place to Live

August 28, 2020S.A.P.

It happened again last night. Mobs of looters took over downtown Minneapolis. My city. Millions of dollars worth of goods stolen or destroyed. More than 30 businesses damaged, some for the second time in three months. I’ve heard that some business owners are just walking away, giving up on this beautiful city…my city.  For the … Read More

Song of the Day

August 23, 2020Songs

This Song of the Day was sent two months ago by Jim F. It still rings as true today as it did then: One Day With thanks to Jim and prayers for our world.

Song of the Day

August 16, 2020Songs

An “oldie but goodie,” with a video sure to melt your heart as it does mine: Overwhelmed Be blessed!

More Story Starters

August 13, 2020Story Starters

It’s always good to have a stockpile of Story Starters on hand in case the ones I give you don’t strike your fancy. Here are two little books sure to stir the story-teller within. The sample prompts contained in each description are enough to keep you writing for months to come! Now, looking ahead to … Read More

Song of the Day

August 9, 2020Songs

Click below to listen to the Song of the Day: The Goodness of God Keep singing! And be blessed.