Song of the Day x3

January 10, 2021Songs

I have no words; just three songs. So sing with me today as we choose: JOY & TRUST (My Lighthouse) & PRAYER (Build Your Kingdom Here)  

Thank You for the Music

January 7, 2021S.A.P., Songs

This morning, one little bit of Scripture sent me down American Idol Memory Lane. Ahhhhh, how I loved those first many seasons! We used to schedule our activities around that weekly show, appalled yet fascinated by Simon Cowell’s ruthless critique. We cheered for our favorites and took it personally when they were booted off the … Read More

Song(s!) of the Day

January 3, 2021Songs

Need a RESET for 2021? Let’s start again, with renewed faith and hope for a better year ahead: Here I Am, Lord Here’s My Heart, Lord Wishing you the best new year ever, Mary