Carry On

December 31, 2021S.A.P., Songs

I’ve waited months to write this goodbye post. Not months of intentionality; just time in which to loop-de-loop to this place of peace over closing down My web guy quit, but that’s just my excuse. The truth is I’ve come full circle, shared a bit of my heart through a few of my daily … Read More

The High Before the Fall

May 28, 2021S.A.P.

Once upon a time, I was sitting on the balcony of a little condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. My ex was out hunting for shark teeth as I drank coffee (or was it a Mojito?) and read one of those beach-perfect novels with one eye, while being entertained by the kite surfer in front … Read More

Coming After Me

May 13, 2021S.A.P., Songs

Once again, it was a song rather than a devotional that sent me into the Bible today. The passage is so familiar that it’s easy to skim rather than digging in with intention. But the song made me do just that. Scripture Luke 15:1-7: Parable of the Lost Sheep Tax collectors and other notorious sinners … Read More

Crazy King Nebuchadnezzar

May 6, 2021S.A.P., Songs

More often than not, the SAP I write during my morning quiet time with God gets a little too personal to post publicly. That’s what happened the other day as I reflected on two consecutive verses that seem to be completely unrelated, but comforted me with the hope that they are not. It began with … Read More

Over the Top

April 29, 2021S.A.P., Songs

I worry about what’s going to happen when I finally go back to live church. It’s been over a year now, and I can’t wait. But from what I’ve heard, every service at every Eagle Brook location is packed again. Oh, people are required to wear masks, and the set-up is such that there’s still … Read More

Praying through the Storm

April 22, 2021S.A.P.

Most of us pray best when a crisis hits and there’s nowhere else to go but to God.  I have to admit it: Even in crisis, praying is not my first response. First, I try everything I can think of to fix what needs fixing, and generally make things even worse in the process. Only … Read More

What’s Next?

April 15, 2021S.A.P.

I had a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) this morning after reviewing the results of a beta test I participated in last night: an assessment-in-development to help people discover their personal design in three unique areas. I love the insight we can gain about ourselves through such self-assessments. Using similar but secular tools made … Read More

“Just One More Thing”

April 9, 2021S.A.P.

This is what happens when I procrastinate. I never finished the pandemic project I’d begun a year ago, so I was bound and determined to tackle it to completion this time around. I wanted to get my basement cleaned up, with all of the memorabilia, photos and history from “the olden days” sorted, organized, and … Read More

April Fools!

April 1, 2021S.A.P.

Who doesn’t love delivering a good prank on April 1st? Setting someone you love up to appear foolish is great fun. But who wants to be the fool? That’s a different story. Especially if it’s not just at the hands of an April Fool’s prankster, but a way of life. There are 83 references to … Read More

Moving Toward Authentic Prayer

March 25, 2021S.A.P., Songs

When I first began church-hopping in search of something more, I was shocked to find so many that adhered to none of the standards I grew up with: —Services that didn’t include The Lord’s Prayer. —Churches where communion was offered only occasionally. —Auditoriums filled with chatty people compared to the somber mood and pews containing … Read More